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This site is dedicated to educating families about 10andUnder Tennis and the 10andUnder Tennis programs available in the area.

Participate in  Youth Team Tennis, Play Days, entry level and Youth Progression Tournaments!

 Why tennis for your child?  Here's why...

 What is Youth Team Tennis?  Click here to find out!

 Frequently Asked Questions... More info here.   Check out a kid's perspective here.   

 If your child is in grade K-6th, and (s)he has never played tennis, we recommend trying a Youth Team Tennis camp first.  It is great fun and low pressure so your child will have a positive first experience.  See below for a camp offered by Pick10Tennis Association.

Gahanna Youth Team Tennis camp offered in 2017 

 Gahanna's 2017 Youth Team Tennis camp is underway.   Registration is closed**  See flyer here.

 Camp location is Hannah Park in Gahanna (6547 Clark State Rd).

**Registration tips:  1) try clicking on registration link above, 2) if you need to create an account on that website here are the webpage paths you need to traverse:  look under PARKS AND REC DEPT, then PROGRAMS AND REGISTRATION...
you register using online tool "WEBTRAC", select Activity Type YOUTH SPORTS, then 300301 MIDWEST YOUTH TEAM TENNIS or use activity number 300301.

 The next steps: Play Days,Tournaments, Junior Team Tennis

 If your child has at least some experience playing tennis or is showing some interest in tennis, another great beginner opportunity is a Play Day.  
 Learn more about Play Days.  
 Find Play Days at www.YouthTennis.com, at your local parks and recreation organization, or at
     Scarborough Tennis Club (or a club near you).
 Ask your elementary or middle school's after-school program to contact me to offer a
     private FREE Play Day!

If your child has at least some experience playing competitive tennis (i.e., serving, rallying, scoring) the next logical step, depending on age and experience, is Youth Progression tournaments and/or entry level tournaments as well as Junior Team Tennis. 
To find the right kind of tournament for your child, seek advice from your child's coach. 
 Learn more about these types of youth tennis pathways here.
Find entry level tournaments at www.YouthTennis.com, at your local parks and recreation organization, at Scarborough Tennis Club (or a club near you), or search more extensively at tennislink.usta.com (see below).
Learn about Junior Team Tennis. Contact Brittany Rings to join a local Junior Team Tennis program (614 537-7808 or brittanyrings@aol.com, https://sites.google.com/site/pickjrtennis/)
Search extensively on tennislink.usta.com -- the United States Tennis Association's website -- for tournaments that meet your child's needs. After going to tennislink.usta.com, click on tournament type JUNIOR. Then click the box for "Show only entry level tournaments" and enter your zip code to find geographically close tournaments. Lastly, click SEARCH. OR if you want Youth Progression tournaments, simply search on the key words "Youth Progression" and your zip code.

Pick10Tennis Experience

  Pick10Tennis Association offers Pickerington the only certified 10andUnder Tennis program in the city.  We have had hundreds of participants in our camps and continue to improve our programs.  We are now offering programs in Gahanna as well.

 Check out the wonderful newspaper article written about Pick10Tennis Association!