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10andUnder tennis!
This site is dedicated to educating Pickerington families about 10andUnder Tennis and the 10andUnder Tennis programs available in the area

Participate in 2014 Youth Team Tennis!

 Why tennis for your child?  Here's why...
 What is 10andUnder Tennis?   Frequently Asked Questions... More info here.   Check out a kid's perspective here.   

 If your child is in grade K-5th, and (s)he has never played tennis, we recommend trying a 10andUnder Youth Team Tennis program first.  It is great fun and low pressure so your child will have a positive first experience. 

2014 Youth Team Tennis programs

 Pickerington Youth Team Tennis camp at Toll Gate Elementary School  (April 30 - June 1)
This camp is now concluded. 
 Gahanna Youth Team Tennis camp at Gahanna Middle School East  (July 9 - Aug 1)
This camp registration is now closed.  Check out www.MidwestTeamTennis.com for other camps available in your area.  Check out the start of the 2014-2015 Winter Circuit at "Winter Circuit" tab above.

Pick10Tennis Experience

  Last year we completed two Youth Team Tennis camps in spring 2013!
    • Check out our spring camp pictures!
    • Camp participants received "Kids Day" tickets to attend the professional tennis tournament in Cincinnati.
    • Learn more at "Team Tennislink above

 Check out the wonderful newspaper article written about Pick10Tennis Association!

Youth Tennis programs

 Make sure you take advantage of your child's free 1 year USTA membership!!
 Find other 10andUnder Tennis programs in the area by going to:  10andUnderTennis Near You  (tab above).

 Find other Midwest Team Tennis programs in the Central Ohio area by going to:  www.MidwestTeamTennis.com

 Find Youth Tennis events in Central Ohio by going to:  www.YouthTennis.com
(Search under organizer name "Jacqueline Boggs" if you want to find the events conducted by Pick10Tennis Association.)